Jens Praet

Jens Praet was born in 1984 in Genk, Belgium. He studied architecture and foreign languages in Belgium, graduated in Industrial and Communication Design at I.S.I.A. Firenze in Italy (2006), and followed the IM Master course in Conceptual design in Context at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands (2007).

Jens’ works range from pure products to graphic related designs. In his studio near Firenze in Italy he is working and experimenting with a variety of new products. Jens has a passion for everyday objects and materials and the combination of old and new. He finds inspiration in unexpected details and daily issues which become often the starting-point in his designs.

Studio Jens Praet’s work has been exhibited at several international locations like Dubai Design Days, Miami Basel, OBJECT Rotterdam, Beijing Design Fair, and has been featured in many major design publications worldwide. In close collaboration his work has been developed and shown by Industry Gallery Washington, WANDSCHAPPEN Rotterdam and Victor Hunt Brussels.

WANDSCHAPPEN produces the items of the Shredded Collection from Jens Praet.