Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2021

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven 2021
From Oct 16th – 24 th 2021. Driessens & van den Baar WANDSCHAPPEN will present a new serie of Duinkerke art works in the show “Embassy of Inclusive Society.  Open daily from 11.00 – 17.00 hours

World Design Embassies

Curator Jorn Konijn has chosen the art works of the Duinkerke project to be part of the show The Embassy of Inclusive Society.
How can artists and designers contribute to a society in which everyone feels seen and represented?
Three images, endlessly made again

There are three different images. They are all very colorful, the bright colors of the wool felt are freely assembled to the three different compositions, that are made over and over again, every work in the same compositions, but in different colors. So every work is unique. The wool felt color pieces are slightly surrealistic, Manga like, and attached on a background of two lanes of wool felt, like a horizon.The sizes are 42 x 30 cm.

Good art and design seduces the audience to get involved in serious issues

The art works look very beautifully and attractively, although the subject is very painful.
The works have their origins in the stories of Saar Depuydt, a good friend of the artists, who drives with her friends every fortnight with a number of cars full of food, clothes and tents to Dunkirk to help the people hiding there in the woods to survive, on their way to reach England by sea.


What is happening in Dunkirk is illegal, both staying there and helping. However, the repeated expulsion of people by the police in France is also contrary to fundamental human rights. It is horrible that the voluntary work that Saar does is needed and that Western Europe does not deal differently with the refugees, some of whom still die every day trying to reach Great Britain.
Over and over again Saar goes back to Dunkirk despite of the actions of the France government. It’s like Sisyphus Labor and in the same way the artists make the three art works over and over again. The artworks cost € 350, half of that amount will be transferred to Saar Depuydt to support her to help the refugees.

Start acting !

As artists Nicole Driessens and Ivo van den Baar can not solve this huge European problem. However they can generate attention with their work in a artistic way, so people become aware and start acting.
So if you want to purchase an art work, just send the artists a message with the number of the art work and they’ll produce that one for you again. ivo@wandschappen.nl