Vase Refelt


Delivery time
3-5 days

heigth app. 35 cm  (bottle is not included)

Samples shown: color 51/05, color 60/05, color 54/42
Any color combination possible
See color sample card or contact

100% woolfelt

woolfelt colors


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A thin felt line of 1 mm, lights up between the pattern parts of the object, composed of rest pieces of felt from the production of Felt Plants of WANDSCHAPPEN.

The colors define the themes in which these bottle covers, also used as wine coolers and vases, are presented:
Refelt ‘Blues’,  Refelt ‘Opera’, Refelt ‘R&B’, Refelt ‘Gospel’ and Refelt ‘Folklore’.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

(bottle is not included)